The luxury of an internal sea along the Mediterranean coast

Magnificent natural and protected site, the Thau lagoon is the widest of Languedoc-Roussillon area and one of the deepest lagoon on the French Mediterranean coast. Located at the foot of the town of Sète, Thau is separated from the Mediterranean sea by a 12 km sandy coastline, called the Lido, stating at Mont Saint Clair and ending at the city of Marseillan.

The Etang de Thau has important shellfish and fishing activities. Its water is particulary clean and much supervised.

The "Grand Etang", average depth 5 to 6 meters, receives the waters of the Canal du Midi and communicates with the Gulf of Lion by the Grau de Pisos-Samo at South-West. In northern part you will find oysters and mussels farms .

Atmospheric conditions at the Etang de Thau are typically Mediterranean atmospheric conditions. Three categories of winds are blowing : coming from the north, Mistral and Tramontane, with are the prevailing winds. Southern wind called the Grec. Those two last ones are less violent and less frequent. Consequently, this place is fantastic for aquatic sports.

Beautiful villages allaround the Etang de Thau to enjoy nature and sportive holidays

The nautical jousts of Sete and Mèze are a old-standing maritime tradition with their own codes, its own vocabulary, rituals and music. Perched on the tintaine at the top of the boats and equipped with a lance and bulwark, all players want to win the Saint-Louis tournament with is the most prestigious one. An extremely spectacular sport for with family transmission is appropriate.

The water of the thermal baths of Balaruc les bains are rich in Bicarbonates and trace elements good for treating rheumatologic diseases. If you have booked your thermal bath at Balaruc, you'll be able to go there by bike using the 12 km bike path. At the thermal bath of Balaruc, you can also book mini water cures or adapted sport activities with health coatch.

Bouzigues is a quiet village at the edge of the Thau lagoon. There, you will find oysters and mussels producers who made it famous. Some shellfish farmers organize boat tours to the discovery of their farms on the lagoon and revealing with passion the secrets of their job. From Mèze, you can also go to Bouzigues by using the bike path .

The Lido large sandy beach, between Sete and Marseillan is a sandy band from 500 m to 1.5 km wide, separating the Mediterranean Sea from the Etang de Thau. This barrier beach, length of 12 km, is mosly composed of old saline and vineyards. Such configuration gives the site a very pleasant character.

At Marseillan, the Canal du Midi is part of the main line that links the town of Toulouse (department of Haute-Garonne), at the level of the Port of l'Embouchure (Ponts-Jumeaux), to the town of Marseillan (department of Hérault) a place called the Onglous , length 241 km. The canal du midi is linked to the port of Sète by the Etang de Thau.

Going around the Etang de Thau by bike has become a must in Languedoc. You can practically do it in its entirety by bike path or green lane. Magnificent itinerary, very varied and in complete safety.

56km + 156m /-144m 03:45

Distant from Mèze of 18 km (20 mn), Pézenas is a city of art since 1950. Its paved alleys, its mullioned windows, its best preserved Jewish neighborhoods, its collegiate churches and its particular hotels show the architectural value of the town. Pézenas is the former capital of the Languedoc States, marked by the memory of Molière and his governors, which gave it the nickname of "Small Versailles of Languedoc".

The Valmagne Abbey is one of the most beautiful Cistercian abbeys in France as well as one of the oldest vineyards in Languedoc. These vineyards were created by the Romans and developed by the monks. IAt hat time, the monks used to keep wine for feast days. They used to drink beer daily . The abbey restaurant offers fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs from their organic garden and and their medieval garden. Meats and cheese are provided by local producers.

For those who love water sport, The Thau lagoon is an exceptional playground. The kayaking club is situated at the side of the Etang of Thau, close to the village club Thalassa in Mèze. There is also kite and wind school called Fil d'Air with graduated experienced instructors who welcome you for 1 to 5 day, initiation or improvement, private tuition, accompanying navigation, and wing foil training.